Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Around the House...Part II

I've moved upstairs is my cleaning/fixing frenzy. There is a cute 1/2 bath at the bottom of our stairs. Dad showed me how to replace the parts inside the tank and I was able to replace the parts in our master bathroom toilet.

About a week ago, I decided we needed a toilet paper holder, hand towel rack, and towel rack in our master bathroom. I installed all three! I used a drill (and a level)! Then, since that project went well, I thought replacing the entire shower head (yes even the pipe screwed into the wall), the tub faucet, the overplate head, and drain were next on my list. I think the guys that work at Home Depot seemed surprised by my purchases, but it was quite easy when all you have to do is follow the directions on the package. I learned how to use plumbing tape, plumber putty, and caulking.

Upstairs to the left we have a loft that had built-in cabinets (which are now in the garage on a wall, thanks to my father-in-law) and a built-in desk (which will also move to the garage). Alex plans on using this space as his office, but until then, he is using the bedroom over the garage (which will turn into a guestroom).

Going straight from the stairs is the master bedroom. We have a beautiful bay window (that I just love) a walk in closet that already had built-in storage, two sinks, and a huge tub!

Finally, to the right from the stairs is a full bathroom and two bedrooms at the end of the hall. The one Alex is using as his office is on the right (over the garage), and the one I am using as a craft room (which will be the nursery someday :o) ) is on the left.


Alison Joy Kroeker said...

That's so awesome Karen!!! Good for you for doing all these projects!! I would have loved to see the looks on the faces of the guys at Home Depot when you were there!!!! It's so fun doing stuff around the house, even though we have husbands who can, ourselves!!! I loved dong my house projects here too!!

Chiara said...

I am beyond impressed. I was tired just reading how many projects you have done. You are one handy lady! Your house is absolutely beautiful.

Ricci said...

You are so organized, always have been, isn't it fun to do up a house that is really your own?!

Katie said...

Karen, your house is wonderful! I sure would love to have a craft room! :)

Shealynn Benner said...

Looking good!! Merry Christmas!