Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Around The House...Part I

It's my week off from school and I've decided the home projects are very exciting! On Saturday, I took out all the dead plants (rose bushes and sega palms) in the front yard (one more to go...but I need my man to help me!)

Yesterday I trimmed back the bushes on the side yard and took out 2 dead ones next to our broken gate. I also planted our "Star Jasmine" next to my slider door going out to our backyard. So far, it's the only plant I have managed to keep alive (I've had it since the summer).

I did manage to wash all the windows downsatirs (inside and out), took off the baby proofing in our kitchen, clean the oven/microwave, cleaned the fireplace (this morning), took down 3 oak shelves that were in our dining room, and installed a door stop on the door to the garage. We don't have overhead lighting in our dining room, so I'm playing with the placement of these floorlamps.

Lastly, as far as the downstairs is concerned, I did add two more floor lamps in the living room and have begun to accessorize. It's coming along...but I can't wait to PAINT!

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Ricci said...

Ooh how fun! Looks great so far! What colors do you wnat to paint? Does it feel like home yet?