Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our New Years Weekend Projects

Alex and I spent our New Years Eve sick with colds...cuddled up on the couch ringing in the New Year. On New Years Day we watched the Rose Parade (my favorite part of the day) and just RELAXED! What a blessing it is to spend a day not being busy with the day-to-day challenges of life and just enjoy each other's company!

Friday was spent at Lowe's and Home Depot (we ended up getting more help at Home Depot for our purchases, though). Saturday was our project day...The timer for our porch light "died", so I installed a light switch instead.

The "Door Viewer" (peep hole) needed to replaced, so with a little drilling to make the hole bigger, we now have one we can actually see through.

I replaced the old Thermostat with a Digital/Programable Thermostat.

The timer in the garage that turns on the lights outside above the garage also "died", so I replaced it with a new timer.

Finally, I have been trying to figure out why our sprinkers won't turn on anymore with our timer (the timer works, I replaced the caps to the wires and the solenoids) but I'm stuck on this one...

Together, Alex and I unscrewed the three bottom built-in cabinets from each other, the counter, and wall in our loft. We thought this would be simple, but we encountered a few problems. A few of the screws were in so tight we couldn't get them out, the counter top was heavy, and the cabinets were even heavier! We did manage to get them out and they are now in the garage!