Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home Projects

I have this Thanksgiving week off from teaching, so I decided to take on some sewing projects. Alex and I have been trying to make our home look more "homey-er", so I began with some pillows for the bed. I sewed covers for 2 Euro Pillows and now think that brown pillow cases and a brown blanket under the blue duvet would make a nice touch.

We have been looking for curtains for our living room, but since we haven't found any we both like, I decided to make them. So we found some fabric and I sewed the 6 panels yesterday. Four of the panels are 9 ft! Today I bought curtain rings and Alex helped me put them up! We just love how they transformed the room. But, now we can block out the morning sun and have privacy at night. Since, from the street, you can look through the top windows and see into the loft and master bedroom. With the very little material I had left, I made two runners.