Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beach Pit BBQ & Rockin' Bowling

Alex and I had a blast last night having dinner with 7 other couples (without kids) from Thrive (our marriage bible study group) at Compass Bible Church. We all met at the Beach Pit BBQ for dinner and enjoyed meeting new couples! Then we headed off to Tustin Lanes for bowling with the lights off, black lights on, and fun music. Although I had the worst time hitting down pins, Alex had 4 strikes in a row! It was fun, none the less, and it was great just being with other couples around our age.


Chiara said...

What a fun group you have there! You'll make friendships that will last a long time--especially as you all enter parenthood around the same time and go through life stages together. What a blessing!

Schlabach Clan said...

Ok....soooooo fun!
I haven't had the chance to ask yet...can I add your blog to mine?