Monday, August 17, 2009


Alex and I spent all of last week (it took us Monday - Saturday) painting the inside of our home, minus the kitchen/dining room and 2 bedrooms upstairs. I put tape on the walls and paper/plastic on the floor and edged. Alex did all of the rolling! We made a great team and here are some pictures!
We had to rent scaffolding to reach this wall in our living room. Thank you to our wonderful neighbor who helped Alex set it up and take it down.

Alex is edging the high wall and down below shows progress after he rolled paint on!

Here I am on the ladder edging (not my prettiest picture...but I'm hard at work) :) Then below I am edging the corner, since the living room is Sand and Olive Green.

We had to buy this cool ladder so we could paint the wall by the stairs. It will come in handy for other home projects and tasks too.

Here is the living room so far...

Here is the other side of the living room, the stairs!

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