Monday, August 17, 2009

Before & After Shots

Here is the living room before we moved in, before we painted, and after we painted.

The bathroom at the bottom of the stairs used to be's now green and I painted the cabinet white.

Upstairs we painted the hallway a lighter shade of the sand color.

The Loft has one wall that is a Sand Color and 2 walls that are Olive Green.

The upstairs bathroom was boring white and is the same green as the bathroom downstairs.

The Master Bathroom is now a slate blue color to match the blue in our bedroom.

Finally the Master Bedroom turned from white to a light taupe (called Oatbran).


Tussany said...

That explains why we haven't seen you in a while. You've been busy! The house looks great, guys! Very well done!

Ricci said...

Oh my word, that is a ton of work! I think I would have hired that out, you guys are troopers! Looks great!

Drew & Erica said...

Hi Karen - very impressive! I should ask you guys for tips on taping the corners...our downfall :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen!! I am so glad I found your blog today! How are you guys?! I love all the pictures of your house (amazing what you guys have done!), your trips, and your new puppy! Hope you guys are doing well!