Friday, August 29, 2008

My Beautiful Classroom

I can't believe it is going to be my 5th year teaching High School. This year I will be teaching 3 Introduction to Statistics classes, an Algebra IA class, and 2 Algebra IA-2nd Semester classes. This means I get a lovely mix of freshmen and sophmores and seniors..maybe some juniors. I have spent the past couple of days updating my classroom with decorative walls, attending teacher meetings, and planning for the first day as well as the rest of the semester. Surprisingly, I am REALLY looking forward to going back to me it's fun because I get to play and show my students how much fun and interesting math can be. Here are some pictures of my room!


Katie said...

Love your classroom, Karen!

I was so excited to come to your blog and see some updates today! :)

Chiara said...

I love your colorful classroom, Karen! I used to always make mine really fun and colorful too--with things hanging from the ceiling and lots of fun bulletin boards.
If you guys have your house offer go through, you have to post pics of the new house!